Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is it safe to buy into Social Network Broker?

  • We check all the accounts published in the board sales.
  • Yet if you were not happy with your purchase, you have a period of 48 hours to return the account and recover all of your money.
  • Payment is made through PayPal, Social Network Broker strictly complies with the safety standards established by PayPal.

What happens if after the purchase, I make an advertising campaign with an account and then return it within 48 hours?

  • If you modify an account or generate content in it, you automatically lose the right to return.
  • SNB check the status of the accounts before sending the access data, and re-check the status before accepting a return.


What is the commission charged by Social Network Broker (SNB)?

  • SNB applies a 10% commission on total sales made

When will I receive the money from my account?

  • After purchase, the buyer has a period of 48 hours to make the return in case he is not satisfied. After this period you will receive the amount from your account, minus the 10% commission.