Do you have a popular account in a social network? you can get a great value for that, a lot of companies find a great oportunitty for their marketing campaings. Selling your accounts in Social Network Broker (SNB) is very easy, follow the sequent steps:

Selling a social network account

  1. Register and publish your accounts.

  2. A buyer makes a reservation on the account by paying the corresponding fee.

  3. SNB will check the status of the account and send the login details (username and password) to the buyer so he can review the account corresponding to the information published on SNB.

  4. The buyer has a return period of 48 hours to recover their money. In the event that the buyer claims the money will be returned as long as it has not made any modification or publication with the account.

  5. Passed the refund period of 48 hours, the sale is confirmed and seller will receive the amount requested for his account.

Check our FAQ to see applicable fees.